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Do you believe in Magic?

    After trying the ” The Magic Pads” you might.  These small round face wipes are so simple and yet so amazing. I first heard about them through @frankiegrande (Ariana Grande’s brother) on Twitter. I have met him and his skin looks super clear and smooth . When I found out that these are what he uses to get his amazing skin I had to try them for myself. The founder of the company  (make sure to follow him on Twitter to see his amazing work) was not only nice enough to send me a jar to try out he also let me interview him.  Check out the interview below than click on the link to check out my review of the product. (   )
    Have you tried it? If so are you a fan of the “Magic Pads” ?
I would love to read your thoughts below or tweet them to me @princesslondn and kindly follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts.
  To learn more about Rob (he’s a former model, actor and he currently does the makeup for Wicked on Broadway) check out his site ( ) 
    Again I want to thank Rob for taking the time out during his bust product re launch to let me interview him. I hope you all enjoy and learnt something useful .
1) PL:What inspired you to create the “Magic Pads”
  Rob:  I had always had skin problems and worked with a dermatologist to fix my skin and I thought, I can do this and make the product what I need it to be, to clear my skin and to moisturize it! So I worked hard and tested several formulas til I made the perfect one!
2) PL: As a professional makeup artist what products do you think everyone should have in their kit?
Rob:    Paw paw ointment, Cetaphil, Ben Nye Hydrocleanse, Kett Translucent powder, Up All Night Setting spray by Urban Decay, and Urban Decays eye shadow primer, (Both great UD  products in my opinion) Face Atelier Lip Lock, and baby wipes. 
3)PL: What products do you think should be used with the “Magic Pads” for flawless skin?
Rob:The Magic Pads are perfect by themselves! Some people feel they want to use a moisturizer afterwards and I recommend good ole classic Cetaphil! (I personally use them alone.)

4)PL: Why did you decide to go organic with the “Magic Pads”?
   Rob: Organic products are so much better for you! And the environment! Using chemical free ingredients promote a healthier care of our land, waters, and air! Non chemical products are also the most compatible with your body creating healthier bodies. (Which is why I am trying to feature only natural and chemical free products on here.)

5) PL: What products do you recommend for looking fresh in the Summer? 
Rob: use a tinted moisturizer instead of a regular foundation, water proof mascara and rose water mist! 
6) PL:What are some skin care /makeup mistakes you think most people make?
 Rob:  Trying to cover acne with makeup! Wearing makeup over your break outs doesn’t allow your skin to breath and your break outs become worse! Buy The Magic a Pads and clear your skin up!

7) PL: What is your best skin care tip for beginners?
 Rob: Besides getting The  Magic Pads?? Don’t sleep with your makeup on. Always wash your face and wear sunscreen!

8) PL: Any tips for aspiring makeup artists?
   Rob: Be a sponge! Watch youtube videos, take classes, talk to other makeup artists and practice on your friends. Never be afraid to take risks. 

9) PL: Can you share what products you use on Wicked?
   Rob: We use Mac makeup at Wicked. There is a special green made by Mac for Elphaba called “Landscape Green”. The makeup is actually applied with a paint brush! It’s a water based “pancake” and then there is a green grease paint that’s applied over top to give her a smooth green look. 

10) PL: How did you get started in the beauty business?
 Rob: I was working as a model and I needed to find a way to make real money.  I’d always done makeup as a hobby, and when my friends at NARS gave me a shot to work the floors at Saks and Barneys, I cleaned house- and my accidental career was born.  

11) PL: What inspires your work?
      Rob:  Beauty!  I love seeing people who look good and feel good about themselves because they look good. I like seeing everyone’s progress from The Magic Pads too!
12) PL:  What beauty trends do you want to see for Fall?
   Rob: More solids and Metallics! 

13) PL: What would be your dream role to play on Broadway?
   Rob: Oh no- I have enough careers today :-)

14) PL: I love the fresh faced natural look any tips on how to achieve it?   Rob: Use a  tinted moisturizer, mascara and a clear lip gloss.



The Magic Pads . Are they really magic?

       When I saw Frankie Grande (Ariana Grandes brother)  mention on Twitter a while back, that he attributes this product to his great skin I knew I had to try it. Product founder Rob Harmon was super nice and sent me a jar to test (while I received this product free all opinions are my own.) He also let me interview him which is going to be my next post.

   Read on to see what my experience with the product was like. And check back later for my interview with Rob.

    I have used pads like these before and they were expensive and the glycolic in them made my skin burn. Thankfully these didn’t do that. They have the perfect balance of Aloe Vera,Glycolic acid, Willowbark, Vitamin E and Haulronic acid. The formula was recently revamped to be all natural and Vegan. Two things I think are very important in skin care. I used the original formula, but Rob assured me that they work exactly the same and you will receive the same results with either one. 

    Your supposed to use it everyday but I personally use it about every other day a. And use my Acure face wash on the other days. As Rob mentions in the interview these are great alone but you can use moisturizer with them if you would like to.


  • Great price 19.95 ! (Compared to other Glycolic products that is amazing)
  • Skin look brighter and smoother after one month. 
  • No irritating synthetic fragrance
  • My skin didn’t break out. I will warn you though sunblock is a must with this product. (The truth is it’s a must with every product. Please wear it everyday.)

  I highly recommend them for someone who is looking for a high quality product with out the high price. Irregardless of if you believe in magic it is a wonderful product.


  • Are not available in stores everywhere

  You can order them at ( )

I will hopefully have the pic of the product up tomorrow I don’t know why I can’t get the sizing right. 

    Have you tried them? Are you a fan ? I would love to read your comments below or tweet me @princesslondn and don’t forget to follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts. 



        A good night treat for every SATC fan!

  A video of every brand ever mentioned on the show. Which was your favorite?  I would love to read your thoughts below and kindly follow me if you like my posts?

  Good night and sweet dreams everyone. 

Leibster Award Nomination !

     Leibster Award Nomination

 I was nominated for a Leibster Award by Isabella  ( BellasBeautyBox2 )

  I have heard a lot about it but never really understood what it was. A quick Google search basically says that it was started by a German Blogger in 2010 to celebrate fellow bloggers. There is no actuall award you don’t actually get a prize. There is no committee for who gets to pick who but there is a rule that you have to be nominated to nominate someone else. And finally the  meaning of Leibster (German) is dearest. So I want to thank my fellow dear blogger Isabella for nominating me. It means a lot to me to know that someone likes my blog. 

The rules are…..

- You have to link back to the person that nominated you.
– You must answer all 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you. I have heard that some people have nominated anywhere from 5-11. It depends on what you would like to do. (I’m going to pick 5) 
– After completing these questions you must nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers (or 200-ish) and give them 11 questions of your choice. (I don’t know how many followers they have but I think their blogs are cool so I nominated them anyway) 
– You must not nominate the person who nominated you.
– You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it

 I  nominate:

  • @beautyntheb
  • @MlleAntoinetteC
  • @elesaurusrawr
  • @chicfbdotcom
  • @DivaINKStyle

    My questions

1) Do you have a favorite blog post?

2) Do you remember your first post? Is it still up ? If not why ? 

3) Do you have a favorite designer/designers ?

4)If you could be anyone else who would you be?

5) Do you remember your first big beauty/fashion splurge?

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

7)Who would you love to collab with on your blog?

8) If you had your own fashion/beauty line what would you call it?

9) What does Beauty mean to you?

10) What does Style mean to you?

11) Are you a full time blogger?

My  answers to Isabella’s questions: 

  1)What are your five holy grail makeup products?

   I honestly can’t pick just five but these are some items that have been in my kit constantly for the past few months

  • Rimmel London Match Perfection concealer . A little goes a long way with this product , and I like the brush applicator. 
  • I have a ton of lip products, but one of my current favorites that I discovered at Fred Segal in LA (They are kind of hard to find in stores but worth looking for) are the W3LL People lip balms
  • Evian facial mist is a great makeup setter and refresher.
  • I  wouldn’t mind owning the whole Max Factor collection either. 

2)If you had the courage to dye your hair any color, what color would it be?

  • I would go for Red/Orange hair like Lucille Balls. Or Pink A la Lauren Conrad.

3)Do you wear makeup every single day?

  • No I like letting my skin breathe. And I think it’s a great way to practice self confidence.


4)What is your biggest makeup related fear?

  • I have no fear. I think the fun part about makeup is experimenting .

5)Which would you choose: a bold lip or a smoky eye?

  • Depends on the day. But I tend to go for a bold lip ( I love Fuchsia lipstick) more often.

6)What is your all time favorite beauty product?

  • I don’t have one sorry. But I do LOVE Max Factor makeup.

7)What is your worst beauty habit?

  • Not getting my hair cut as often as I should.


8)What is the one makeup trick that you wish you could master?

  • How to apply false eyelashes. I get to scared off putting anything to close to my eyes. Eyeliner took me years.


9) What is your go to “lazy day” makeup routine?

  • BB cream, Cream blush, bright red or pink lipstick . 


10)Do you have a consistent skincare routine? (Explain your skincare routine)   I don’t know if I would call it a routine but I have my system:) 

  •    Even if I do nothing else I try to always cleanse. Even when your not wearing makeup it’s important to remove all the dirt that builds up on your skin through out the day.
  • Tone it is an important step that most people skip.
  • I try to exfoliate every other week since I have very sensitive skin 
  • And most importantly I try and moisturize every other day since I found that works best for my skin. 
  • And I try to use a mask once a month. Sometimes I diy sometimes I use store brought.

   (Please don’t trust my routine for your skin. I think the biggest skin care mistake we make is copying each others routines, while we should be trying to find what works best for each of us.) 

11)Why did you start your blog?

  • I was on Twitter ( @princesslondn) first but I felt like 140 characters wasn’t enough to share my passion for media  so I decided to start this blog to further share my passion. And I used to be obsessed with shopping at Sephora and Mac and every time I would talk to one of the workers, they would tell me I need to start sharing my passion for beauty so I started adding beauty and fashion posts on here. 


  Sorry for the super long post. And if any of my nominees don’t want to play along. You don’t have to. I know some people think of this as chain mail. And if your one of those people I’m sorry I bothered you. I think all your blogs are awesome and wish you luck with your blogging endeavors. 

   I hope you had fun getting to know me. Feel free to tweet me anytime @princesslondn and don’t forget to follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts. Have you ever been nominated? Leave your blog name below if you want to be nominated by someone or know someone who you think deserves to be nominated for having an awesome blog.