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Schwarzkopf BC Fibre Force Hair Care Reviews

  (Disclaimer :Thank you Schwarzkopf Professional USA and Beach House PR for letting me try these products. While I did receive these from the brand to review all opinions are my own.) (All photo credit goes to 

  While I am reviewing each product separately  I am happy to share that all the products are not tested on animals.

  Schwarzkopf Professional USA Bona Cure Fibre Force Shampoo

BC Fibre Force Shampoo 200ml

Pros: Truly made my hair feel clean with out over drying it,like most sulfate shampoos do. Smells good . My hair felt super soft after I washed the product out.Compared to other high end shampoos such as Fekkai I would rate it a 9 and if it didn’t have sulfates I would certainly give it a 10.

Cons: If you are not a fan of sulfates than this product isn’t for you. But if you don’t care about it than I can highly recommend this shampoo.

Schwarzkopf Professional USA Bona Cure  Fibre Force Rinse Out Conditioner

BC Fibre Force Rinse Out Conditioner 150ml

 Pros: Smells good  like the shampoo. I have oily hair so I use this once every other wash and I only use it on the tips of my hair. It not only kept my hair looking soft it also Prevented new split ends. I know it’s a conditioner but it also makes a Great detangler and it doesn’t have a sticky feel or chemically smell like drug store detanglers do.

Cons: If you have oily hair I would not recommend                                     using this on your scalp. Other than that it’s a great conditioner.

Schwarzkopf Professional USA Bona Cure Force Spray Conditioner

BC Fibre Force Spray Conditioner 150ml

Pros: I don’t know what I am going to do when I run out of this product as it is sadly not available near me. This product has become a holy grail item in my beauty arsenal. I love mixing this with the OSIS + refresh dust on days when I’m to lazy to wash my hair. The refresh dust slicks away oil and a few spritzes of this make my hair look  super soft and fresh. I love the versatility of this product.  It can be used as a detangler, a light weight spray to keep hair in place when it’s hot out.And a leave in conditioner. And like the other products it smeels great.

Cons: NON 

Schwarzkopf Professional USA Bona Cure Force Fortifier Treatment

BC Fibre Force Fortifier Treatment 150ml

Pros: This is the first hair mask I have tried, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I did not follow the instructions but I felt like I still achieved the promised result. I put it on my wet hair, lathered it like a shampoo and rinsed it out after 3 minutes. I don’t think it was ever that easy to brush my hair, the brush slid right through. I also use it when I need my hair to be super slick and stay in place(dance , the gym, when it’s super hot out.) it makes a great lighter weight version of a hair gel.

Cons: As I have very oily hair it did leave my scalp looking kind of greasy. But I doubt that would happen with regular hair.

Schwarzkopf Professional USA Bona Cure Force Fortifier Treatment Force Keratin Infusion

BC Fibre Force Keratin Infusion 15ml

  I don’t know why this product was not included in my package but I do want to share that it is the last piece in the line. 

Benefit: BC Fibre Force Force Infusion instantly restructures extremely damaged hair. It deeply penetrates the weakened hair foundation and immediately replenishes the cell bonding. 

Application: Work into towel-dried hair. Leave in. To be used in combination with other BC Fibre Force products for optimized effect. 8 phial applications.

  If you are interested in the products they should be available at most beauty supply stores and Ulta.

  Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? What are some of your favorite hair care products? Do you have any hair care tips or tricks you would like to share? I would love to read your thoughts below or tweet them to me @princesslondn and kindly follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts.?



  Music star Jesse Mccartney has  finally (seriously it’s been way to long)  released a new album  today called In Technicolor 

  J.Mac  tweeted this adorable pick of him yesterday promoting his new album on “The Today Show” with the caption: “Hangin with some fans after my @TODAYshow performance of #superbad #intechnicolor,” Embedded image permalink


    I have been listening to his song “Super Bad” on You Tube for a while and I have to say it is catchy . What do you think of it? Are you a fan of his new music or do you prefer his previous work? Do you have a favorite Jesse song? I would love to read your thoughts below or tweet them to me @princesslondn . And as always kindly follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts. 



Kelli Berglund Goes Blond?

  Earlier yesterday Kelli tweeted : ” I can’t wait for you guys to see my red carpet look,” 

The Lab Rats actress new look was the debut of her new blond hair. She shared  this selfie  on the way to the premiere of  ”Guardians Of The Galaxy” last night.

  What do you think of Kelli’s new look? Does anyone else think she looks like Ariana Grande a little in this pic? I would love to read your thoughts below or tweet them to me @princesslondn and as always kindly follow me on here and on Twitter if you like my posts.

Embedded image permalink

Photocredit: @kelliberglund



#Thinspo or #ToFar ??

  By now you have probably seen the pic that started all the outrage. “Real Housewives Of New York” and “The Bethenny show”  star Betheny Frankle posted this pic to Instagram of her wearing her daughters PJS with the caption:  ”This is my daughter’s nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we’re ready to start sharing clothes yet?” 

  I for one think to each their own. Do I think she should have posted this to social media No ! While I believe in being proud of your body and eating healthy I think this was taking it to far. There are already so many girls (and guys) with eating disorders  online looking at the #Thinspo and this just adds to their insecurity. And while I know a lot of you will say what about those other people. The sad truth is that she has more power than those people. And sometimes celebrities forget that with power comes responsibility .

   I think if she wanted to do this she should have added a disclaimer or at least a warning. What do you think of the pic? Is she trying to get attention? Do you think this will scar her daughter? Do you think this is all a pr stunt? I would love to read your thoughts below or tweet them to me @princesslondn . And kindly follow me on  here and on Twitter if you like my posts. 


Photo: @bethennyfrankel/Instagram